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Paillard Bolex H16 Accessories Catalogue 1967.

Paillard Bolex H16 accessories catalogue


Page 1 - RX-5 camera, MST stabilized speed motor, Bolex battery, 400 ft. magazine, Electric hand grip, cable release, electric motor, batteries in carrying case, RX-fader

Note: the following text is taken from the original catalogue. I have keyed it in to reduce download times.

1. H16 RX-5 Camera

The World-famous Bolex H16 Reflex camera, adapted to take an interchangeable 400 ft. magazine. 100 ft. spools can also be used.Code: REXFA

2. MST stabilized speed motor (for all H16 cameras equipped with a drive ratio of 1:1)

The following models are available:-

a) without pilot sound generator and without clapper device, 16 2/3 f.p.s. for time and motion study filming, speed equivalent to 1000 frames per minute.Code: PERTI

b) with automatic electric clapper device and pilot sound generator:

- 25 f.p.s. for films used by European TV stations

50 ~ AC (PILOTTON and NEOPILOTTON systems) Code: CLAEU

100 ~ AC (PERFECTONE system) Code: CLAFA

- 24 f.p.s., 50 ~ AC for commercial films used in Europe (PILOTTON and NEOPILOTTON systems) Code: CLAIX

- 24 f.p.s., 60 ~ AC for commercial films used in U.S.A. and films for American TV stations. (RANGERTONE system). Code: CLAAM

3. Bolex Battery

This battery is made up of ten SAFT-Voltabloc cadmium-nickel insulated cells. A rectifier, allowing for mains recharging (110 to 250 v., 50 or 60 C/S), and a voltmeter are built in. The battery capacity is approximately twenty-five 100 ft. spools or five 400 ft. magazines, at 24 or 25 f.p.s. The battery can be used as a power supply even during recharging, as it acts as a "buffer" to the mains current. Code: BATAC

4. 400 ft. Magazine

The 400 ft. magazine can be loaded either with the 400 ft. centre-piece or the 200 ft. spool. In both cases, a counter shows how much film remains unexposed. The small MM motor (code: CASMO) ensures constant film winding tension, whatever the diameter of the film core used. Code: CASFA

5. "Electric" Hand Grip

This grip is designed for H8 and H16 Reflex cameras with flat bases and equipped with an electric motor. With its rapid attachment device, it can be mounted or removed in seconds. Code: HAFEL

6. Electric Motor

This new variable speed motor, powered by a battery unit (five 6v batteries), enables long scenes to be shot without interruption, such as sporting events, scientifc or documentary films.Code: MOLEC

Within the next few months it will be possible to use this motor with the 400 ft. magazine and its MM film winding motor, providing it is powered by 8 6v batteries and used in conjunction with the Bolex voltage regulator. Code: MOREG

7. 5 6v Batteries in carrying case

For powering the MOLEC electric motor Code: MOCIN

8 6v battery unit

For powering the MOLEC electric motor and the MM winding motor, for use only in conjunction with the voltage regulator. Code: MOBBE

One 6 v battery Code: MOBAT

8. RX-Fader (for H16 RX and H8RX cameras)

This device automatically and smoothly opens and closes the variable shutter of the camera. It is particularly useful for achieving easy, professional-quality fades and lap dissolves. The RX_fader cannot be used with an electric motor.

For H16RX camera Code: FADOM

For H8RX camera Code: FADUI



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