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Paillard Bolex H16 Accessories Catalogue 1967.

Paillard Bolex H16 accessories catalogue


Page 2 - Exposure meter, matte box, bellows attachment, light optical bench

Note: the following text is taken from the original catalogue. I have keyed it in to reduce download times.

1. Lightmeter (for H16RX and H8RX cameras)

It si always highly advisable to use an exposure meter. Designed for cone use, the Bolex exposure meter is especially adapted to the festures of the Bolex H16RX and H8RX cameras. Code: FOGOS

2. Bolex Matte Box - or bellows lens hood

For professionals and advanced amateurs, this accessory is an indispensable complement to the H camera. Apart from acting as a highly efficient lens hood, thereby ensurng optimal picture quality, it can also be used for immunerable trick effects: entering a room through the keyhole, "freezing" a picture, making the came character appear several times in the same frame, titling tricks etc.

Supplied with a set of 32 masks and gelatine sheets. Code: COPEN

3. Bellows Attachment for Macrofilming

Equipped with a focusing rack, this attachment allows for a continuous variation in the focusing extension of the lens - a special model of the Yvar 75 mm. f/2.8, particularly suited for macrofilming. The lens is fitted with a daphragm preselection ring while two engraved scales, showing at a glance the focal length extension and the necessary diaphragm corrections, make the bellows attachment very simple to use.

Two adapter rings are supplied, enabling other lenses to be mounted and used with one or several extension tubes to increase magnification even further. Code: NOVOF

4. Light Optical Bench

This special accessory is very simple to use and serves numerous purposes: as a support for heavy and bulky telephoto or zoom lenses, the Bolex Matte Box or different accessories, as a portable optical stand for macrofilming and various trick effects, as a titler. CODE: SUTEL

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