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Some items from a 1939 Catalogue

Note: the pictures are not as good as I would like. The catalogue is over 60 years old and I cannot squash it flat for fear of damaging it so there is some distortion due to page curvature.


Agfa cameras (Speedex and Karat)

Agfa cine equipment (Movex 8 and Movector 8)

Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell cine equipment (Filmo 134, Filmo 70 DA, Filmo 122, 16 mm. cine projector, Filmo 129, Filmosound 138M2)


Ensign cameras (Selfix 220 and Autorange 200)


Exakta cameras (Exakta Model B and Kine Exakta)


Kodak Bantam cameras (Bantam f/8, Bantam f/6.3, Bantam f/5.6, Bantam f/4.5 and Bantam Special)

Kodak cine equipment (Cine-Kodak Eight, Magazine Cine-Kodak, Cine-Kodak Special, Kodascope Eight)

Kodak Retina cameras (Retina I and Retina II)

Kodak Six-20 Folding Cameras (Six-20 Folding Brownie, Six-20 Junior, Six-20 B and Six-20 Duo)


Pathescope cine equipment (Motocamera H, 200B Plus, Vox)


Rollei cameras (Rolleicord and Rolleiflex Automat)


Siemens cine equiment (CII 16 mm. camera and 16 mm. home projector)


Voigtlander Bessa cameras (Bessa, Rangefinder Bessa and Baby Bessa)

Voigtlander Brilliant cameras (Brilliant V6 and Focusing Brilliant)

Zeiss Ikon

Zeiss Ikon cameras (Contax II, Contax III and Ikoflex III)

Zeiss Ikon folding cameras (Nettar, Ikonta and Super Ikonta)


Box cameras (Kodak Popular Brownie, Six-20 Brownie Junior and Six-20 Brownie, Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor)

Exposure meters (Leudi, Bewi-Senior, Weston, Weston Junior, Sixtus, Avo, Eos and Excelsior)

Other cameras (Foth Derby, Robot, Balda Super Baldina and Reflex Korelle)

Other cine equipment (Zeiss Ikon Movikon 16, Zeiss Ikon Movikon K16, Eumig PIII projector, Specto projector, Coronet IIa projector)

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