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February 2010. Stephanie is seriously ill. Therefore, there may be considerable delay in responding to e-mails. We will try to continue to despatch orders promptly. The shop is open by appointment only. Thank-you for your continuing patience.

Goseen meter for the H8 Reflex and H16 Reflex. From a 1963 instruction book.

H-series Direct Focuser. From an undated catalogue.

Same as above but without the text.

Early pistol grip (from undated catalogue)

H8 from a 1950 instruction book.

H8 Reflex (flat-base), from 1965 leaflet.

H8 Reflex (flat-base) with Vario-Switar 36 EE lens fitted. From 1965 leaflet.

H8 with Octameter (undated).

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