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Paillard-Bolex Battery Instructions - no pictures


Technical Data

Checking Battery Level

Recharging the Battery


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The BOLEX battery is designed for the MST motor but can be used for other purposes where a similar voltage and amperage is required. The battery can be used in any position and requires no maintenance. A case is provided for convenience and ease of carrying.

The BOLEX battery is made up of ten SAFT-Voltabloc cadmiumnickel, alkaline cells, insulated with calcined plates, and of 1 AH. capacity. These cells provide for a high load when starting the motor and can be used as a power supply even during mains recharging. A built-in rectifier is suitable for 110-125 v. and 220-250 v. (50 or 60 C/S) supplies. Accumlator level can be checked at any time by moving the voltmeter button upwards.

Technical Data

Voltage: 12 v. DC

Load, with 100 ft. spool; on starting, 4 amps; at stabilised speed 0.7 - 1.4 amps.

Load, with 400 ft. magazine; on starting, 5 amps; at stabilised speed 0.9 - 1.8 amps.

When fully charged, the battery capacity is equivalent to five 400 ft. magazines or twenty 100 ft. spools, at 24 or 25 f.p.s., - corresponding to 60 minutes' running of the MST motor - within a temperature range of zero degrees Centigrade to fifty degrees Centigrade. Battery capacity decreases between temperatures of minus twenty degrees Centigrade and zero degrees Centigrade and between fifty degrees Centigrade and sixty degrees Centigrade.

Approximately 15 hours is needed to fully recharge the battery.

Battery life: approximately 1000 discharge-recharge cycles.

Recharging fuse: 50 mA/250 v.

Battery dimensions: 8 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches (202 x 52 x 96 mm.)

Weight, including case: Three and a half pounds

Checking Battery Level

Start the MST motor and push the button upwards: the pointer should go beyond the black zone. If it does not, the battery should be recharged before filming a sequence of any length. The cadmiumnickel cells are liable to deteriorate if the motor is used when the voltmeter pointer remains in or below the black zone, indicating insufficient charge.

Recharging the Battery

1. Move the red mark on the selector to the voltage corresponding to the mains supply using a screwdriver or a thin coin.

2. Plug lead into the mains. The red indicator should light up during recharging. If it does not, check the fuse by turning knob in the direction of the arrow.

The battery can be stored for a long time without any risk of deterioration providing the voltmeter pointer does not fall below the mark indicating the safe limit of discharge.


A wiring diagram is shown above.

1. Power lead to MST motor

2. A three-pole connection allows pilot signal connection but owing to the variety of tyes of tape-recorders, only the corresponding plug is provided.

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