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Beaulieu R8 (MR8 and TR8) Instructions (main pictures)

  • Beaulieu R8 side view
    1. Reflex viewfinder eyepiece

    2. Eyepiece adjustment lever (to suit operator's sight)

    3. Winding crank handle

    4. Footage counter (feet)

    5. Footage counter (metres)

    6. Tripod or carrying strap fixing bushing

    7. Variable-aperture lever and 3-position locking knob

    8. Single-frame release socket

    9. Continuous drive release button

    10. Speed setting knob

    Beaulieu R8 side view

    12. Reverse motion knob

    13. Cover locking knob

    14. Frame counter

    15. Frame counter zero-reset

    Beaulieu R8 inside film chamber

    16. Feeder spool spindle

    17. Spool locating stud

    18. Upper guide roller

    19. Floating pressure plate

    20. Film gate

    21. Film guide

    22. Lower guide roller

    23. Take-up spool spindle

    24. Footage counter lever

    25. Cover fixing bush

    Beaulieu R8 film in film chamber

    26. Feeder spool

    27. Film circuit

    28. Take-up spool

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