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Wray Stereo Graphic Viewer Instructions

Stereo Graphic Viewer


Changing Batteries

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Wray Stereo Graphic Viewer

Stereo Graphic Viewer

The Stereo Graphic Viewer has a built-in battery-operated light source and ground glass diffusion screen for best possible illumination of the slide. You will find it easy and quick to adjust and simple to use.


base of Stereo Graphic Viewer

Base of Viewer showing Illumination Control

Insert slide in the top of the viewer in accordance with the directions printed on it. Hold the viewer in either hand and press the red bar in the base to illuminate.

To gain proper stereo effect, it may be necessary to adjust the separation of the lenses. The control knob for this is conveniently located at the upper right hand corner at the front of the viewer.

Focus the viewer with either the right or the left hand red knob at the sides of the viewer.

Changing Batteries

Stereo Graphic viewer showing batteries

Loosen the two screws in the base of the viewer. A coin can be used for the purpose. Separate the top and bottom halves of the rear part of the viewer. Insert two U2 standard flashlight type batteries. Be sure to insert them with the tops pointing in the same direction, as illustrated.

Refit the top and bottom sections, sliding them into place, so that they will properly connect with the front part of the viewer. The screws are held in place with retainers, so that they cannot be lost. A coin can be used to retighten them.

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