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The L Series

There are five Prakticas which were introduced between about 1969 and 1974 - LLC, L, LTL, LB and VLC

An advertising leaflet (c1974) says:-

    "The Praktica L is the basic model of a genuine series of SLR cameras. About 80 per cent of all indvidual parts are identical on all models - an excellent example of rationalisation. This high level of standardisation brings numerous advantages, both to the owner of a PRAKTICA camera as well as to the makers:
    • The most modern constructional concepts to achieve the highest utilitarian value can be adopted at a favourable price through economical large-scale manufacture
    • Camera servicing is greatly simpliified
    • Favourable price/performance ration

      The technical configuration of the individual models of the PRAKTICA L series is progressively stepped so that each camera has its own peculiar characteristics."

      "A wealth of experience gained by the camera industry of Dresden in the development and production of focal-plane shutters, dating right back to 1921, in incorporated in the modern metal-blade focal-plane shutter. This type of shutter forms a fully independent constructional unit. The previous focal-plane shutter with rubberized cloth was mounted part by part in the camera body. The new metal-blade focal-plane shutter consists of complete assemblies that are fitted into the camera body.

The new metal-blade focal-plane shutter has been incorporated in all SLR camera of the PRAKTICA L series i.e. PRAKTICA L, LB, LTL, LLC and VLC. The new shutter consists of three self-dependent assemblies:-

  • The metal shutter-blade assembly
  • The shutter-speed timing gear assembly
  • The tensioning and drive assembly

Each of these three assemblies can be separately mounted and adjusted, and then put together as a complete metal-blade focal-plane shutter within the camera body.

The metal-blade focal-plane shutter offers significant advantages over its rubberized cloth counterpart:

  • High speed of the blades, and greater accuracy throughout the range of shutter speeds, but particularly the fastest speeds
  • The shortest time when the blades are momentarily open to the full size of the negative (effective open interval) is 1/125 sec. (faster synchronisation)
  • The accuracy of the shutter speeds remains stable in cold or heat, also over longer periods
  • The shutter is insensitive to climatic influences
  • Repair servicing is greatly simplified"

Lenases, from 1974 Praktica catalogue

Praktica lenses, from 1974 catalogue

Some Filter Sizes

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