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View-Master Storage

There were several accessories made for reel storage.

View-Master library box

View-Master advertising for the library box

One of the first was the View-Master library box. This is a plastic box designed to take up to 100 single reels. There is space for a Model E viewer but this space can be used to accommodate additional reels. 12 divider cards were supplied with the box. There are several variants of this box, including one with a maroon base and cream top, one with a bronzed base and cream top and a green version. The cream tops may be marbled plastic or plain.

View-Master album

View-Master album

The View-Master album was designed to take 30 single reels (no envelope or packet). It is a spiral bound book with press-stud fastening and an index page.

Open View-Master reel album

View-Master album, opened to show reel envelopes

Used examples are not difficult to find but examples without any reel lists or writing on the reel envelopes are harder to locate. The album went through several changes in binding. It was sometimes supplied in a box.

The Storage Chest held a viewer and up to 23 packets. It is made of plastic, with a hinged lid. The section which was intended to hold a viewer can also be used to store packets, making it a versatile unit. Single reels can be accommodated with or instead of packets.


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