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Voigtlander Vito Cameras - Folding Vito Cameras

by Stephanie Marriott



Guidelines for Purchasers

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These are compact 35 mm. cameras with self-erecting folding fronts.


Vito I (1940)

Vito II (1949) Advertisement for Vito II from 1954

Vito IIa (1955) Advertisement for Vito IIa from 1957

Vito III (1950)

Guidelines for Purchasers

The first thing to remember is that all Vito cameras require a film to be loaded before the interlock will operate successfully. If there is no film, then the mechanism to tension the shutter must be operated carefully, by hand.

The Vito I, although an interesting camera, is the oldest of the range, and it has the idiosyncratic feeler spindle mechanism. It will give good results, but cannot be recommended as a camera for regular use, due to its age.

The Vito II and the Vito IIa will give good results and are pleasing cameras to use. As there is no rangefinder, many people would find a model with an accessory shoe more convenient. Although some cameras had a separate accessory shoe available as an extra, these are rarely found on the second-hand market unless accompanied by a camera.

The Vito III is the rarity of the folding Vito cameras and potential buyers will need fairly deep pockets. It fetches something around three to five times the price of the average Vito IIa, and more than that in really excellent condition. It is also the most desirable camera for many users as it has the high-quality, fast Ultron lens and a coupled rangefinder.

As with all second-hand cameras, condition has a major effect on the price asked. Vito I cameras with the filter attached fetch a premium price, despite the fact that the camera without the filter is more usable, in that supplementary filters or a lens hood can be fitted.

If a camera is to be purchased for use, it makes economic sense to buy one in less than pristine condition as otherwise any wear and tear to the camera could result in financial loss when the camera is resold. It is also important to ensure that an ever-ready case is supplied with the camera if it is to be used.

Note that while these cameras are fun to use, they cannot be considered as reasonable alternatives to a modern camera for full-time use. They are all at least forty years old and difficult, often impossible, to repair.

Data Section


Filter Size

Vito I - early


Vito I - later

31 mm. push-on

Vito I - later

29 mm. push-on

Vito II

29 mm. push-on

Vito IIa

29 mm. push-on

Vito III

32 mm. push-on

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